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Latest News

IRCHighway by Admin
IRCHighway is where I seem to be spending a lot of my time now. The channel is #mt-talk. I would post logs of how crazy it is there, but that's against rules. Anyways, hi Peorth, Alpi, moogs, Neku, and anyone else who dares venture this far into my website (past the intro page).

Edited by Admin
Updated: Thu, 20th Dec 2007, 9:10am +0000

New Poetry by Admin
New Poetry has been posted, 'Love'.
Updated: Sun, 9th Dec 2007, 12:00pm +0000

A 'Hacker' and new Tracker! by Admin
Stupid "Turkish Hackers". Nothing more than stupid little script kiddies scanning every filename they can think of or brute before getting the banzor by the server to try to find a world-writeable file. Well this retard managed to find two, which I've fixed with a simple 2 second upload and changed the permissions.

Listen, you "Turkish" retards, take your stupid scripts and go elsewhere. When you can actually crack the username and password in my content management system, rather than grope around for a world-writeable file and hope to God it's editable, then i'll respect your work, otherwise, it's just shitty defacement, really low-class retardism, so pack your shit, and get lost fuckbags.

For those actually interested in, I now have a tracker up for bittorrent stuff. It's an invite only location however, so friends and friends of friends on invitation, drop in and register. The link is posted under General on the left menu.
Edited by Admin
Updated: Thu, 21st Jun 2007, 7:13pm +0000

Website blown up by Admin
This is what I get for working on my website at 5:30am right after work with no sleep since over 12 hours ago.
Updated: Wed, 14th Feb 2007, 5:41pm +0500

Sick by Admin
I got called on account of no updates to the site by an old friend on aim, while I was laying in bed sick. So here's the update, and no, the theme will not be updated. This is a slick theme, very clean lines, nice and neat little layout, so 'neh *holds bottom right eyelid down and sticks out tongue*.
Updated: Thu, 26th Oct 2006, 11:04pm +0000

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