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MP3P Plugins

MP3P Plugins are small scripts designed to work with MP3P 2.9 series and above.
MP3P was designed on the basis of not being DLL dependent...
Plugins on the other hand may use as many or as few DLLs as they wish.
To bring more worthwhile features to MP3P via Plugins, it is almost nessicary to use DLLs.
Therefore Plugins will be the only part of MP3P to embrace DLLs.

Plugins Under Contruction:
SysTray Plugin, Title Scroller, Shake It Up!, MouseWheel

Plugin Name Version Download Link Documentation
MP3P Command Line Support v0.2b Download -
Shake It Up! v0.1 Download -
Title Scroller v0.6 - -
SysTray Plugin v0.4 - -
MouseWheel v0.03b - -
CUE List v1 Coming soon! -

You can download a demo plugin to show you how you're handling incoming data from MP3P on the fly. Download

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