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Photography by Cynagen

Hello, if you're coming here, then you're either browsing my website aimlessly, or ran into me at a convention where I snapped your photo and you've come to learn more.

First and foremost, I would like to clarify to those who don't know already, but I only shoot my displayed works in 3D. While 3D is nothing new, it's still not entirely mainstream, but is poised to explode in the near future with the increasing prevalence of 3D enabled displays (monitors/TVs) and content. Content that I wish to be one of the first to deliver regularly.

I currently have two complete 3D setups, one for consistent videography which is a fair bit of setup as it requires a full computer to maintain, and a portable camera (which if you've seen me at a convention, this is likely what I used). I wish to expand my reach beyond conventions and am making myself available for booking limited 3D photo shoots at this time. If you wish to contact me regarding booking a shoot, please email me at cynagen(a) for more details. (I have purposely broken my email address to prevent web spiders from harvesting it and spamming me to death.)

Recent galleries uploaded:
Amazing Arizona Comic Con (Fri 1-25-13)
Amazing Arizona Comic Con (Sat 1-26-13)

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