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mIRC MP3 Streamworks

First of all, to those whom assumed this project was dead... It's not... It's just never been publicly posted and that's my own fault. So here it is... The OFFICIAL homepage/download source (other than for mIRC MP3 StreamWorks!


mIRC MP3 StreamWorks v1.9.1

Version changelog:

Fixed default port issue, default port is now 4000, should allow Mozilla compatibility on install.

Fixed the Max Single/Live mixup bug in the dialog...
Redid the entire Artist listing system to reduce lag (Scans for artists on server start and saves to ini)

Added SHOUTcast Directory Listing
New tab: "SHOUTcast" on the Control Panel to modify SHOUTcast Directory Listing system
Changed MetaData system to waste less bandwidth and be more efficient (98% less wasted bandwidth!)

Eliminated a found bug in live mode that could lead to a DoS attack
Listened to feedback on and added dialog, access via menus.
New option: Disable/enable metadata, livestreaming
New option: Limit amount of live and single mode streams at once
New option: Limit the top kbps to stream in live mode (default 128kbps)
New option: Ban an IP (ban system was in v1.5 and higher... no interface till now)
New option: Use only MP3s in main folder or in up to 100 subfolders deep
Put rough estimates of system specs in readme for users

Mostly testing the new RealPlayer/RealOne based streaming... [Metered PUSH]
Now supporting MetaData streaming on "Live" streams, both PUSH and PULL. WOOHOO!
Verified support on RealPlayer/RealOne for Win32 and Mac OS
Verified support on iTunes and Audion for Mac OS
Hopefully supports RealOne for Linux (Should be the same as Real for Mac/Win)
Added alias to detect the internet IP for your computer (Doesn't work well on 6.1)
Added defaults to the system for instant use (you can config before running)
Note: Currently looking for somebody to test XMMS (Most Used Linux MP3 Player)

Debugged RealPlayer/RealOne (Audion?) "Live" mode streaming.
Installed proper RealPlayer/RealOne support (possibly Audion support as well?)
Tested with RealOne (PASSED) [Metered PUSH distribution]
Added dynamic sleep timers for keeping dataflow constant (RealPlayer/RealOne support)

Installed "Live" (Random continuous play) mode streaming (Winamp/Winamp3) [PULL]
Installed "Live" data viewing (http://servip:port/mystream)

Installed Winamp3 single file stream support
Debugged small error in m3u list delivery for Winamp 2.91

Minor changes in the Winamp streaming support
Changed primary display list from all songs available to Browse By Artist (improved speed)
Tested with RealOne (FAILED, removed support)

Corrected a bug in the streaming... it kept repeating the first 4kb of the file
Installed HTTP file browsing

First release (amazingly not buggy)
Originally hoped to support Winamp, RealPlayer/RealOne, Audion
Tested with Winamp 2.9 (PASSED) [PULL Distribution]

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